8th wonder of the world

it’s like an 8th wonder of the world. the twice-a-year Texas Antiques Week right here in Round Top/Warrenton/Fayetteville/Burton. it’s when 100,000 people and over 2500 vendors converge on our little community of only 90. that’s right 90 people. it’s when the whole entire world comes to our little pocket of texas…when you can find anything and everything. and this year, we think it’s really what the world needs now. it’s what we call junk therapy. it won’t cure world hunger or rebuild a home lost to hurricane harvey, but we do think a little junkin’ is good for the soul. whether you buy a great piece of junk or just a great piece of pie, sometimes a daytrip or a fleamarket getaway has the power to cure what ails ya. (well that and the bloody mary bar. a bloody mary bar can definitely cure what ails ya…keep reading for the deets on that ;)) consider this your Texas Antiques Week 101, fall 2017 edition. chapter 1. the basics – store dates/hours we’ve been hard at work redecorating the entire store for the past month….we’ve hauled in lots of fresh rusty, crusty junk and we have all kinds of awesome new goods! […]

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