natural born junkers – Texas Antiques Week 101

it’s almost that time of year again…the most glorious time of year when the annual junkers migration to the promised land of junk occurs right smack dab in our neck of the woods. for some, you’re veteran pros at Texas Antiques Week. you gracefully glide through each field with the rhythmic skill of a cowgirl-boot donning ballerina, pixie’ing your way from booth to booth, selecting the finest junk for your trek home with nary a worry, sunburn, or blister. for others, it can be as daunting as trying to open those produce bags at the grocery store. you feel lost and discombobulated. you feel helpless and confused. naked and afraid. but never fear young grasshopper, we are here to help. and heads up, soldiers! you are all natural born junkers at heart. the coveted talent of opening the grocery store produce bags IS NOT directly proportional to your skills as a natural born junker. you were born to flea. i repeat, YOU ARE NOT A LOSER. you are NOT naked and afraid. you are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people LIKE you. consider this your Texas Antiques Week 101, spring 2017 edition. chapter 1. the basics – store dates/hours chapter […]

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