ADVERTISERS ON TEXASANTIQUEFEST.COM GET NOTICED! is an online community of people who love to attend the nation's largest antique festival in the historic communities of Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, Burton, Fayetteville, Shelby, Rutersville and surrounding areas as well as other antique related events in Texas. It connects Visitors, Shoppers, Show Promoters, Dealers, Collectors and Service Providers.

People use this website to plan which Shows and Dealers they will visit during an event. While attending an event they access this website on their mobile devices for real-time navigation and up-to-the-minute information.

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Do you participate in the Antique Festival in some way? Maybe you are a visiting Dealer who has a booth or a business that offers some type of product or service to Festival goers? If so, ADD YOUR LISTING to the directory right away, it's FREE promotion and helps area visitors. When you are logged into the website ADD ENTRY links will appear under the navigation Tabs at the top. Adding your listing helps shoppers find you. Again, all listings are FREE unless you choose OPTIONAL paid features that enhance your listing. You can modify your listing at any time (for example you might leave the GPS numbers blank and fill them in later). Your directory listing works for you before, during and after the Festival.



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When logged in you will see “Post A Blog Entry” under the Blog tab at the top. Fill out this simple online form and click the Save button. The server will create a professional-looking blog post with your information. We recommend including pictures and YouTube videos in your post. Examples of Blog posts might be Festival news, announcements and information, pictures of items your selling, telling visitors where your booth is if you're a dealer, or simply “I love to attend the Antique Festival because...” Blog entries show up on the front page of the website and get noticed. These posts are also pushed to Facebook and Twitter for added exposure so it's well worth the few minutes it takes to post something. You'll have the ability to modify or delete your posts at any time.
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