A Domain Name is what you build your business around. Investing in a meaningful Domain Name (or web address) that directly relates to the content of your website a visitors expect to see is essential for online success. Your Domain needs to also be:


  • Easy to spell

  • Simple to remember

  • Easy to relay verbally


If you are lucky enough to find a Domain available that contains targeted key words that people type into Google expecting to find the same content in your website gives you a huge advantage in relevancy.


The Domain Name of is for sale and meets these requirements.


This Domain is PRIME ONLINE REAL ESTATE and it directly targets the Nation's largest Antique Festival stemming from Round Top, Warrenton and the surrounding area. Due to the size of this event, and the mass amount of crowds that attend, the possibilities for revenue are endless.


Not only does this transaction land you, it also includes similar spelled and related Domain Names targeting this event as well. This locks in your investment from competition. In this transaction you will also obtain the following Domain Names:



Again, the Domain Names you see above are also included in this transaction to lock-in your investment and guard against online competition. Yes, there are other extensions but you also know that “.COM - is - KING”. If you construct under a Domain ending with any other extension a potential visitor will always type .com at the end first. If your competition owns that .com you've just lost a visitor.


You will not be able to register such a targeted list of Domain Names for this event, they are taken. Here is a link to an online tool that allows you to search for available names



The asking price for this investment is $30,000


Serious inquiries only. Contact Steven Boehm, owner of at (361) 589-1001.
Is For Sale

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